Write answer to UNIT 3

1,opportunity arises
2,standards slip
3,disease spreads
4,evidence suggest
5,smoke rises
6,withstand pressure
7,teeth chatter
8,wind houls

1,The scientific evidence suggest human beings first emerged in Africa.
2,The wind was howling all night and it was raining, so I couldn't sleep.
3,The machine has to be made of materials that can withstand a lot of pressure.
4,Oh, no! There's fire. Look at the smoke rising from those buildings.
5,It was so cold I couldn't stop my teeth from chatting.
6,Our survey shows that parents believe standards have slipped at the school.
7,You must accompany Bob on one of his business trips to Asia, if the opportunity ever arises.
8,An alarming new disease is spreaded among cattle in the south of the country.

1,I don't want to pass up the chance of meeting such a famous person.
2,We'll have to draw up a contract before you start work, as it's a new position.
3,You're working too hard. You should try to take it easy for a while.
4,This new bullet-proof car can withstand the impact of a rocket-propelled grenade.
5,Do you have any interesting a snippet of information about our new boss to tell us?
6,The Minister faced a barrage of questions from reporters.
7,I had a stroke of luck last week. The police found my stolen wallet and nothing was missing.
8,There's been a spate of violent attacks in the area recently.
9,After her divorce Mandy was determined to put the past behind you and build a new life.

1,I think Shouzo Matuoka is the most stunningly attractive person.
2,I may scold the personwho is driving recklessly.
3,I prefer to a gentle breeze.
4,Maybe, I wouldn't write it.

1,He said he would throw us out, but it was just an idle threat.
2,They rushed the victim to hospital, in the vain hope of saving her life.
3,The government is encountering mounting criticism of its policies.
4,There is mounting concern across the world about climate change.
5,The horse was foaming at the mouth, so we called the vet.
6,Suddenly, without warning, Majorie burst into song.
7,The plain truth is that I hate my job.
8,I tried to persuade her but I'm afraid I failed miserably.



Higher education costs are risig!

The escalating costs of higher education is causing many question. For example, most people wonder that it is really valuable to continue studying beyond high school. This is because the tuition is high and the decision of choosing college, without choosing employment, may lose the opportunity. In addition, the students must have a big financial burden. As a result, they wonder it is worth the investment. Furthermore, the lower the family's income is, the more they take a risk. This is because they have already been suffering from making ends meet.

However, there is the evidence that the rate of return on investiment in college education is high enough to justify the importance of high education.
In fact, there is difference between college and high school graduates. Generally speaking, the student of college graduates earn more money than that of high school graduates.


Book Reveiw 4(The Owl and the Pussycat)

"Dear Pig,, are you willing, to sell for one shilling, your ring?"

In this story, the cat and the owl love each other. So, when they want to marry, they have to get weddingring. Then, they met the pig which was wearing the ring in his nose.
I felt the ring was diarty. Beacause the ring was wearing in pig's nose. So, I can' t understand why they ask to buy pig's ring.
I thought the differnt kind of animals love each other is one of the funny point in this story. In real, it is rare to for the different kind of animal to love each other. All of the paintings are so pretty.This story is composed of a few sentence, so everybody can read it easily.I'm sure most people can read easily and love the charactors in this story.

Michelle.L and Sarah.C(2008) The Owl and the Pussycat


Book Review 3

"This year, Henry knew, he was going to like Thanksgiving. This year Henry knew, he really had something to be thankful for!"

Henry has a dog whose nameis Mudge. Henry's Aunt Sally always came in Thanksgiving. However, he didn't like her behavirs. Although he has passed thanksgiving, he learned her good point. So, if you have people who are bad at it, I recommend you to change your way of thinking. There are many kinds of people who have variable way of thinking. Sometimes, you may think that you can't forgive other person's attitude, however it is important to make an effort to like other people. So, this movement may make your new friends!

Rylant, C. (1992). Henry and Mudge under the yellow moon (Ready-to-Read, Level 2).

Book Review 2

"Flik looks at the circus bugs and the ants. They are small, but together they are big and strong. Together, they can fight the grasshoppers,. The grasshoppers are surprised that the ants want to fight back."

In the insects world, the aunts are affraid of the grasshoppers. Because they are strong and big. So, Flick standed up for against the grasshoppe's domination.
This sentence is uesd in this prosess. In fact, the aunts are smaller than the hoppers, however the aunts try to cooporate with their friends and manage to the big contents such as exporting their foods which are bigger than their body. I think this aunt's habit is reflected for this story. I learned that if I have to do the big things that can't do it alone, it is important to cooporate with other people.

Melanie.W(2012) a bug's life (Pearson Education Ltd, level 3)


BooK Review 1

This story is  Po who is a fat panda laren kung fu and fight for the evil. My most impress word in this story is 
"There's nothig special in my noodles. Why are my nnodles great? Because everyone thinks that they are special."
when Po, who is a main charactor in this story, gives up for fighting, his father, who cooks the noodles very well, said.

This word encouraged him to fight for the evil. Because he realized that everyone is special. I think this word tells us taht we don't give up and don't hesitate to do charenge.
In this story, some stronger animals appeard such as tigger,snake. However, the animal which fight for the evil is panda. In addition to, this panda get weight. Although, he decided to learn kang fu. Ofcourse, sometimes he give up for his training and scolded by his master, however he charenge kung fu again and again. These funny ideas make this story more interesting.
I finished reading this book, I think it is important to believe in myself. In our life, there are many kind of difficult things however, I belive in myself, I'm a spesial man, and try to do a lot of things.


Fiona.A (2011) Kung fu panda (Jocquie Bloese, level2)



Write answer to UNIT 2

2.1 A
1,a broad accent
2,in broad agreement
3,mitigating circumstances
4,mitigating factors
5,auburn hair
6,deliviously happy
7,a broad smile
8,a picturesque location
9,adjourned a meeting
10,a picturesque town
11,adjourned a trial
12,inclement weather

2.2 A
1,Melissa has quite a broad Scottish accent.
2,Inclement weather led to the cancellation of the President's garden party.
3,We were all deliviously happy when we heard we'd won the award.
4,Their new home was in a very picturesque location.
5,Because there were mitigating circumstances that made the theft less,the judge let him off with a warning.
6,I think we should stop adjourned the meeting now and continue it tomorrow.
7,She had a broad smile on her face when she arrived.
8,She has lovely auburn hair.
9,I think we're in broad agreement as to what should be done.

2.3 A
1,extremely(careful,sorry,unpleasant) W:3
2,(quite)an effort S:1
3,cancel (canceled stamps) S:1
4,deliver(a curve,verdict) S:2
5,(earn)a living W:1

2.4 A
This house can see a picturesque location.